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Civil Protection

PCP Forum - Journal for Protection of Cultural Property Issues

Targeted information for specialist organisations

The Federal Office for Civil Protection publishes its own journal entitled "PCP Forum", which provides cultural institutions and other relevant partners with information on Protection of Cultural Property issues.

PCP Forum 22/2014: Cartography and the Protection of Cultural Property

Forum No. 22/2014

Historical maps not only provide important information on a specific geographical area, but they are also are an important source for researchers in many different fields, such as toponomy and military history. The aesthetic qualities (content, colours and illustrations) of many old maps mean that they are often considered also as works of art. At the same time, maps are an important source of information for society in general. This is why they are designated as cultural property under general protection that must be preserved intact for future generations.

The latest edition of PCP Forum (22/2014) presents the institutions in Switzerland that deal with cartography and the invaluable maps to be found in our country. It also features articles on the challenges of caring for, using and restoring these documents, as well as the type of PCP measures that can be taken to ensure their survival.

As always, the journal features articles from foreign contributors that provide additional insights into the subject.

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