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Civil Protection

PCP Forum - Journal for Protection of Cultural Property Issues

Targeted information for specialist organisations

The Federal Office for Civil Protection publishes its own journal entitled "PCP Forum", which provides cultural institutions and other relevant partners with information on Protection of Cultural Property issues.

PCP Forum 23/2014: “Special cases” in the PCP Inventory

Forum No. 23/2014

There is a select group of cultural objects which cannot be clearly categorised as buildings, archives/collections or archaeological artefacts. They are examples of past human achievements or early feats of engineering, and, as such, should rightfully be considered as cultural property worthy of protection.

But how do you classify such objects? During the 2009 revision of the Swiss PCP Inventory, the umbrella term “special cases” was devised. Issue 23/2014 of PCP Forum takes a closer look at some of the cultural assets which fall into this special category.

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