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Civil Protection

PCP Forum - Journal for Protection of Cultural Property Issues

Targeted information for specialist organisations

The Federal Office for Civil Protection publishes its own journal entitled "PCP Forum", which provides cultural institutions and other relevant partners with information on Protection of Cultural Property issues.

PCP Forum 25/2015: CPP during disasters and in emergencies

Forum No. 25/2015

Forum 25 lays its emphasis on ‘CPP during disasters and in emergencies’ – despite being part of Swiss CPP practise for a long time, this focus has only now been given a legal basis through the thematic extension of the act. Precautionary measures to protect cultural property are now legally prescribed not only in the case of an armed conflict, but also with regard to earthquakes, floods, landslides, mudslides or major fires. This brochure presents examples of CPP measures from Switzerland and abroad.

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