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Civil Protection

PCP Forum - Journal for Protection of Cultural Property Issues

Targeted information for specialist organisations

The Federal Office for Civil Protection publishes its own journal entitled "PCP Forum", which provides cultural institutions and other relevant partners with information on Protection of Cultural Property issues.

PCP Forum 26/2016: Cultural property on the move

Forum No. 26/2016

The transport of cultural property is a delicate operation. For some objects, this is simply not feasible. For others, temporary relocation is a routine occurrence. However, a whole range of precautionary measures needs to be taken first, especially for extremely valuable objects. Issue 26 of PCP Forum features several examples of best practices in relation to the protection of cultural property in transit. Although the professional handling of works with heritage value may differ from the care that everyday objects receive, the principle underpinning these efforts is the same: well-prepared and responsible measures must be taken to ensure that no harm comes to them.

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