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Civil Protection

Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

 The Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

National coordination

Events that cause damage must be brought under control on site and near to the population affected. Therefore operational responsibility for civil protection lies first and foremost with the cantons and municipalities. The Confederation sees to the coordination of civil protection services and defines its fundamental aspects. For events with a national impact, the Confederation coordinates the deployment of the relevant partners and takes over responsibility for managing the situation.

Since 2003

The Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP supports the cantons and municipalities as well as the partner organisations in their civil protection activities. With the creation of the FOCP in 2003, all areas of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS, which specialise in civil protection issues were grouped together. This restructuring reflects the growing importance of civil protection.

Business divisions

The FOCP has around 300 staff and its offices are spread over several locations. Its headquarters, directorate, as well as the business divisions - Planning and Coordination, Training, Infrastructure, and Support - are located in Berne. The latter is the FOCP internal service centre covering IT, Commercial Services, Logistics and Security, Communication and Language Services.


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  • Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP
    Monbijoustrasse 51A
    CH-3003 Bern

    Phone +41 58 462 50 11
    Fax +41 58 464 87 89



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